Craydon McDonald, D.Mn., Ph.D.: Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy: Living Well - integrating body, mind and soul

In an atmosphere of unconditional, positive regard, Dr. McDonald will establish a relationship with you to foster understanding, not a quick fix. With encouragement, you will be able to speak words which before were only fleeting feelings. Through what you say and what you do not say, you will find reality and quit living lies. Through 'emotional knowing,' together we can uncover the inner dynamics (thus, the term 'psychodynamic'), that inhibit you from making the useful, often simple, adjustments which will alleviate your discontent.

Dr. McDonald will speak with empathy and candor to maintain our focus, provide interpretation related to your family-of-origin, and share my experience as it matters. Perhaps for the first time in your life you will be encouraged to speak freely without filtering, to self-disclose without fear of disapproval.

Psychodynamic therapy sessions are scheduled at a regular time one to two times each week for fifty minutes each. We will be facing and understanding what you have spent a lifetime trying to ignore; such deep-going changes take time. How long your therapy will take depends at the least on when you feel you're able to provide a 'good-enough' enviroment for yourself.

Typically, medical insurance pays for fifty to eighty percent of the cost of therapy.

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