Craydon McDonald, D.Mn., Ph.D.: Psychoanalysis

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Psychoanalysis: The heart of healing and the human quest

Psychoanalysis is the ultimate personal growth experience. Here, you join Dr. McDonald three to five times a week, coming in from the busy street with its noises and voices and slowly glide into an atmosphere in which external distractions are of no avail, where you hear only what your inner voices say, recollections, experiences, impulses, thoughts and conflicts. You become yourself more than you show the world outside. You learn to be entirely yourself...beyond who you 'should be,' beyond the roles you hold. With my guidance and support, you will learn the strength of living within yourself, fully accepting yourself; you will learn what keeps you from you, and that there are no irrelevant, meaningless or purposeless thoughts, feelings, dreams or acts. The goal is to be fully aware and present to yourself, and so be able to be present to others as you choose.

This work is accomplished in the traditional manner over several years with multiple sessions per week.

Major medical insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield will pay toward psychoanalysis up to the total visits allowed per year.

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