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Living well, searching for meaning and the heart of healing: The Human Quest

Dissatisfaction, anxiety, guilt, fear, failure, depression and accompanying relationship problems are the focus of depth therapy. These often longstanding, deep-seated issues may go unidentified until a more immediate crisis occurs, such as job difficulties or financial pressures, accident or illness, death, marital problems or a child going through rocky times.

For many, the problem is difficult to articulate....a vague sense of discontent where nothing seems to measure up to expectations. As a metaphorical example, a gourmet meal is a gourmet meal only if one is able to enjoy it in a conflict-free manner, which means that one is not maintaining a deep conviction that one does not deserve it, is too greedy, is spending too much, is being exploited by the guests, is bored by it and so on. One may eat many meals and still be unfed.

While symptom alleviation is important, the ultimate goal of depth therapy is to become clear about where you've come from, who you are, what you feel, and what you want from others. In this process, you will change what you can and adjust to what cannot be changed. By coming to grips with inner conflicts, you will give up self-destructive ways.

Dr. McDonald is trained and experienced in three ways to accomplish depth therapy:

These different therapies offer various ways to come to know the complexities that are you.

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