Craydon McDonald, D.Mn., Ph.D., Northern Arizona University

Comments on the course (2001): The course content and subject matter required a lot of critical thinking, and [it] was presented in such a way that not only is it relevant to my area of study, it will by highly relevant every day of my life.
  I really learned a lot from this class, and I would definitely take another class from [Dr. McDonald] if offered.
  This class by far has been the most beneficial course I have taken. [I found everything discussed class to be] extremely relevant to everyday life and the further understanding of Psychology.
  Excellent course! I took it because I'm interested in Psychology, and I received so much more than I ever expected!
  This course was extremely interesting and provided a wealth of information that is both valuable to my area of study as well as my understanding of myself.
  This class helped me a great deal in understanding myself as well as others. This is relevant to my area of study because I would like to become a physical therapist and [I] must be able to relate to patients.
  Great course. Brings many new ideas and theories closer to home.
  Relevant to Psychology and relevant to Life. Everyone would benefit from this course.
  The subject matter challenged me to think critically. I think I will end up taking a lot of this information with me, outside of class.
  This course was extremely beneficial, interesting, and helpful in not only my scholastic career, but my personal growth, as well.
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Comments about Dr. McDonald (2001): Dr. McDonald is by far the best element of this class - he is dynamic in his presentation, was able and eager to answer any questions, and available for clarification. He is the absolute best professor I have had.
  Professor McDonald was an excellent instructor! He was very knowledgable, and he really cared about teaching us; not just a job. I have really learned a lot from him, and I have decided to major in Psychology because of his class.
  Craydon McDonald is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgable and very aware.
  [Dr. McDonald] was very helpful and knowledgable about content. He was encouraging and an honest pleasure to have as a professor.
  Truly an excellent teacher. The best instructor I have ever had. Clear, concise, and really in-depth. Really knows his material.
  Very fair, wanting to help his students grow and learn, as well as do well in the course.
  He is extremely brilliant and knows the material very well.
  Dr. McDonald has forever changed my life by his teachings. I have learned many, many valuable things that will guide me through Life for years to come.

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