Craydon McDonald, D.Mn., Ph.D.: Psychologist, Teacher, Minister/Theologian
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Dr. McDonald was an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Psychology at Northern Arizona University (NAU) from 1993-2006. He taught a course in personality theory which was often touted as the "best course I've ever taken."

At the end of each semester, NAU students give course evaluations.

Here are some student comments about Dr. Craydon and his psychology course:

Comments about the course (2002): Best class I've ever taken; changed my life. The course was too short.
  Made me fascinated with the area of psychology and helped me discover my inner self!
  This was a very interesting and phenomenal course. Professor McDonald has opened my eyes to understanding of personalities on a whole new level.
  This is possibly the most interesting class I've ever taken. I find myself thinking about this class constantly.
  This course was one of the best Psych courses I have ever taken. I want to get my Ph.D. in this area now. The assignments gave me great insight into my life and personality.
  This was the most informative class I have ever taken. I am exponentially more knowledgable after this course.
  Everything was amazing! This class was extremely relevant and influential. I wouldn't change anything [about the course]. It's perfect!
  Best class I've ever taken. Good stuff.
  Although I would have to say this has been one of the more demanding courses I have taken, (academically and otherwise), it has been a fantastic growth experience. I would say that it has given me an entirely new outlook on my course of study, as well as my life.
  Words can't really explain how wonderful and educational this class was for me and some of the others in this class that I have spoken to! This class was the determining factor for me in changing my major [to Psychology]. By far, this class is my favorite class of all the classes I've taken at NAU the past three years.
  The course content was unbelievably enlightening, and only after taking this course do I understand my area of study.
  This course for me has been life-altering. The content of it has enriched my being and my sense of self. This course has just strengthened the foundation of what my path is on this earth, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to take it.
  This class has increased my understanding of Psychology exponentially. It has increased my passion for Psychology.
  I can actually say that I learned more from this course than any other I have taken at NAU.
  This course isn't relevant to my area of study; however, it is the most relevant course for the rest of my life.
  Great content; relevant and critical not only to my area of study, but also to my life. Best class I've ever taken at NAU.
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Comments about Dr. McDonald (2002): Brilliant.
  Gave wonderful, descriptive examples with ingenious interpretations.
  Professor McDonald put Psychology in a whole new perspective for the students. Coming into this class, I thought I would learn different personalities, but Professor McDonald has brought a totally different interpretation of personality and origin. He rocks!
  The instructor has such an amazing knowledge-base of this material, along with a way of communicating it to the class - like no other instructor. He has made this class change my life.
  The instructor was great! He made class fun, interesting and thought-provoking. He was very real with us.

He is an excellent instructor. I have recommended this particular class and instructor to a number of friends.

  Excellent teacher who is an expert on the subject and really cares about the students.
  Great teacher. Funny and entertaining.
  Dr. McDonald has been a pivitol factor with my experience in this class. I think it is very unfortunate that he does not teach anything else. His love for the subject, as well as the students, is commendable.
  Dr. McDonald is an awesome, mezmorizing teacher; he grabs your attention and somehow promotes so much thought each lecture.
  The instructor is inspiring and loves what he does.
  Dr. McDonald is an amazing professor. He is by far the best professor I have had in my five semesters at NAU.
  Dr. McDonald is great. I wish he taught more than one class [at NAU].
  [Dr. McDonald] is a really, really good teacher and cares a lot about what he's teaching as well as his students. He's a rare find [at NAU].
  Awesome, very knowledgable, good guy, A++
  Excellent. Wise, open, interesting.
  Dr. McDonald is a man with great integrity and character. The depth within him and his being is far-reaching.

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