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Marital & Family Therapy: the search for meaning and celebration

Depth therapy looks at the ongoing effects our families-of-origin have on our current living. Here we look at how we recreate and reenact the family we grew up in within our marriages and with our children. Where the focus of individual therapy is on our inner conflicts, you can expect the emphasis of couple and family therapy to be on the relational patterns and systems that emerge and often adversely affect us when we live together.

In marital and in family therapy, each individual's opportunity to be him or herself is maximized. Rather than being limited by significant others, we learn how they can help us excel beyond what we could without them.

As the goals of couple and family therapy are more discreet, typically the course of therapy is shorter than that of individual psychodynamic therapy. On occasion it will be helpful to incorporate individual therapy into the marital work. Family therapy, however, is typically no more than twelve sessions.

Medical insurance will often pay toward the cost of marital or family therapy as long as one patient is identified.

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